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Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Daniella Okeke replies those asking when she'll get married

Nollywood actress,Daniella Okeke is fed up with questions about her getting married..She wrote
"For u all asking me wen will I get married ? And all dis crazy things u ve 2 say. I will get married wen GOD brings the right guy and at the right time. No be Hw far? Na Hw well? I ve so many married friends dat re so unhappy but I believe wen GOD THINKS the time is right it will happen. So enough of dis crazy Dm's 🙄 ok bye" 
Well said!


  1. Endtimes commenter1 March 2016 at 18:39

    Endtimes excuse

  2. Don't get it.. when a womam gets to a certain age, the pressure to get married becomes unbearable! In this days and times of domestic violence, cheating etc in marriage, one has to be very careful in choosing a life partner so as not to rush in and rush out!

  3. Everybody must not marry ...

  4. So God does nt think its the rite time yet???????

  5. The society and women are women's own enemies. I'm sure the majority pressuring her are women.


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