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Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Most women are like Kim Kardashian, the only difference is,she gets paid-Freeze Cool Fm

Popular OAP with Cool FM,Freeze gave his take on the Kim Kardashian saga...

A very close 'married' friend of mine came around the other day asking me for help. He is into construction and due to the dwindling financial situation in the country he hasn't sold a house in almost 1 year. So he hands over his iPhone to me to show me some of the his properties asking me to scroll through his gallery.
After scrolling through about about 25 pictures of houses I stumbled upon a naked 'kpekus'. I tried to quickly scroll away, but before I could my eyes swallowed another and another and another. There were an assortment of pictures of different 'bits' and 'pieces' of a woman's naked body without showing her face.
 A bit embarrassed, I handed his phone over to him. Without a hint of shame, he explained to me that that was his separated account manager he has been 'shagging' for a while. According to him, she has a son and she is hot!!!! As I write this, my mind's eye, I still clearly sees the expression of excitement in his eyes as he described every detail of her body (the remaining 20% I missed in the pictures) he even offered to bring her over to Chocolat Royale so I could meet his 'trophy'. 2 days later, I stepped out of a meeting in the office only to see about 16 missed calls of which 13 were from my friend. I returned his call and he complained about me not picking my phone that he was at Chocolat Royale with his 'babe' and he wanted me to meet her. 
So I rushed out of my office to Royale to meet them. She was sitting with her back towards the door when I walked in and

 I mentally tried to match the pieces I had seen on my guys phone to that of the lady in front of me and then she turned around to greet me with a smile that faded immediately she set her eyes on me! My friend must have told her he had a surprise for her or not even told her at all trying to surprise her because I guarantee that if this woman knew she was coming to meet 'freeze' she would never have agreed as she is the wife of one of my schoolmates who resides in Yankee.............

Here I am, staring at my friend's wife sitting next to my other friend, who I know is an absolute freak. I know he must have dissected her body and used it to its maximum potential. My friend also never uses protection because he is quite 'endowed' and finds it uncomfortable. He is married and has a string of girlfriends. His wife may or may not have an affair and his girls are mainly university students he is 'taking care of'.

Experience has shown me that most university girls dating rich men, usually have one or two 'school boyfriends' who cater to their school needs i.e. Club parties, academic issues etc. My fear for my pastor friend is that he now comes home from America once or 2ce a year and dips into a grimy pool of illnesses and issues both physical and spiritual, shared by at least 20 and as many as 50 other people, because as the saying goes, "you have slept with everyone your partner has slept with". I am still in a serious dilemma right now, do I tell my friend or do I hold my tongue and 'save their marriage'?

Anyway back to the main issue........ There are many differences between Kim Kardashian and my pastor friend's wife. One is Kanye knows his woman, this includes her abilities, shortfalls etc while my pastor friend 'thinks' he knows his wife. He is probably worshiping in the church of 'assumption' right now, thinking his wife is a good, decent girl.

The second issue is while his 'decent' wife only earns peanuts for her nudes and requires him sending her a monthly allowance from the US, Kim just paid Kanye's $53million debt. Rewind to about a month ago when I put up a post saying I would want to have a Kimye relationship with bae he called me up, telling me, in his own words, "to stop glorifying a morally bankrupt woman and her sinful relationship". My question now, is his own relationship less sinful & more morally upright? Over to Piers Morgan who accused Kim of being 'desperate'. Piers your last real job was in 2004 since then you have been hustling like a 2 dollar hooker. You failed in your 'attempt' to take over from Larry King & you call her desperate?" 


  1. Lemme be very clear, I do this guy called Freeze one bit! He talks too much for a grown ass man.. But.,

    Any lover and defender of Kimye is my cyber friend and for this article, lemme just say that I like him today!! Hehe

    Btw.. i really enjoyed reading this story of his... fake or nah.. don't curr!

    #Kimye rules people

  2. He is talking as if the pastor friend is not dipping inside pools over there. So he means to say the pastor has sex only when he comes to naija?

  3. Freeze If I could see you right now I will dash you my Rolex watch.. Truth is KIM is real, sex tape or no, she didn't allow her past get the best of her. She is married to a caring, loving and wonderful hubby, blessed with 2 charming kids, makes money all round, what more can a woman who her past almost tagged her bad want?? Now to those of you criticising Kim, ask yourself this question" how clean am I".? Who knows what you do when people don't see? The more you talk about Kimye, the more popular they become,, from today I am fan of freeze,.. Lol.. It's sure a kimye day..!!!

    1. So freeze, ur Yankee friends wife doesn't know that her hubby's "popular friend" works around choclate royale?......hmmmmmmmmm
      My liar, pants on fire!!!!

    2. No one is criticising and no one is hating on her.. everyone deserves to love, be loved and be happy too. It's a good tin dat she didn't let her past weigh her down but then again uncle Steve, is it morally right for a wife and mother of 2kids to happily flaunt her naked pics all over d internet? Kids these days, come on here, u are a married man, how do u feel wen u see such pics? She can go naked for all I care o after all her hubby is not complaining but stop being biased and say it as it is!

    3. Thanks for using the word "moral", what morals do they exhibit over there? None!

    4. Being biased?? Did you just say that? Now am sure you know why am responding you, normal me I won't.. If you followed up the gist very well, you will know she never shared any recent naked pics, it was a previous naked pic she shared that caused this controversy and tougues started wagging, the aspect of being a married man, does that make me less human? No, does that make me cheat? No, I only like kim and Kanye and everyone knows that, I mean I can't see a naked pic of Kim and start shinning my 32, besides am a Nigerian and the way bak home is diff from theirs, the hubby ain't complaining, now tell me why should it be anyone's headache? He already accepted her for who she is or was, in any marriage once there is understanding, bet me that marriage will never hit the rocks, my wife knows I love kimye and she ain't got no issues with that cox she knows i can't sleep with Kim.. So Miss Ima, read between the lines and know I don't just follow kimye coz they pay my bills, I follow them coz I love them, recall back when she posed with a champagne on her ass I was against it and till date there's been no other... People should mind their biz so the world will contain all of us.. Now you made me write an essay. I will knock your head anyday I see u.!!

    5. Miss Ima u don make Uncle Steve kwara now. No let am catch u sha.

    6. Lolzzzzzzz whether previous or old nude pictures, it's still d same Kim! But sha don t let ur wife catch u staring at d pictures while shining ur 32 oo! Everyone has celebs they love, u love Kim just like I love Bey but I won't encourage any wrong doing! Bey is classy and will never be caught doing dis! I rest my case!

    7. Lmao Vizzy nothing dey happen! If anything sup I fit call u na! U help me give am better heading, he go chill!

    8. Where u wan see Kim sleep with in the first place?

    9. Where u wan see Kim sleep with in the first place?

    10. Eeh Steve? Now I know why u ignored me.

  4. Maheeda u dey hear Freeze abi?

  5. Uncle Freeze, u sure u didn't make dis gist up? Looks like some of those scenes frm Nollywood!

  6. Uncle steve no mind den all men like naked woman. so because you are married they expect you to turn gay cos na only gay guy wont like Kim.its okay if women dont like her but for a man not to like kim is not normal. Am sorry i like her naked anytime anyday. The only women that like kim are mostly whores dats what i have observe but for a man is a must simple.

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