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Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Blogger's Diary -Trapped with an emotional abuser-Tonto Dikeh , Churchill case study

A gathering of whores,karma,bleached queens,slaymamas.That is what women who scream domestic violence are tagged in NIGERIA.
What did you do wrong?You obviously did something to make him react.Do you dress well? Smell nice? Cook different dishes, give him mind blowing sex? Submissive? Didn't lose weight after the baby or babies? Don't fix your hair?Yes..Did you? Did you? Did you?

Saturday, 16 April 2016

#Momdiaries - Blogger's diary-My childbirth experience

Push, push..the nurse screamed in my ear....

I summoned all my strength,breathe in,breathe out ..I pushed and screamed....
Madam, you have to push harder if you want this baby to come out..It's been 12 hours of labour.You really need to push..
Boo boo, please try ok! Push...You know that vacation I promised you, if you don't push how do we get to go..I saw him look at me pleadingly ...
Oh yes! The vacation.I had made him promise to take me on vacation once our baby girl is born..I needed it..
That was enough motivation for me to push harder..I pushed and I could feel her ,yes my baby was coming she was here. I felt her head pop out ..Oh my God ,Oh my God... I'm actually having a baby.I'm giving birth ,naturally .I''m about to become a mother ..

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Yay! We won -Blogger of the year (Nigerian Writers Awards 2016)

So ,this happened yesterday ..I won the Nigerian Writers Award (NMA 2016) Blogger of the Year(Judges choice)..I am so elated about this award because, first of all,it's an award.My first physical award.

I have been nominated over the years since I opened this blog in August 2011, but never won though.But I  have always been elated to find my name on most blogger's lists.Such a humbling experience.

Saturday, 21 November 2015

Blogger's Diary- To Ladies Who Fall For "Our Wife" Syndrome

OUR WIFE! I hate that phrase.Unless you put a damn ring on my finger,you and your friends are not allowed to call me that......Many ladies have fallen for that cheap phrase, turned to cooks, housemaids and sex slaves just because some cunning man and his friends refer to her as "Our wife".

Yesterday, I watched in disgust as friends of a man I know is getting married next month,called a lady he just met our wife.She was blushing from ear to ear as we sat for dinner..This girl would cook,clean,wash plates,have sex with him just because she feels she is the 'wife''
I couldn't bear it .I told him straight up.If he didn't pay for his deceit,his daughter would someday.Not a curse,just Karma..............

I know a lot of ladies who have fallen victim to this deceitful phrase.As a matter of fact,I almost did last year ..Hell yeah! I almost.....

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Blogger's Diary- The cinema encounter between 3 Chinese men & 2 'feisty Nigerian girls

This just happened. I went to the Cinema at Ikeja mall to watch the latest James Bond movie Spectre...Because the movie was sold out, I booked the 5:50 slot. 
The crowd was massive and I think I was around the 50th person to get in. 
On getting in, I noticed a nearly empty middle seat row.There were just three Chinese men in the row.  I tried to take one of the seats and one humbly told me it was occupied. 
I didn't think anything of it, and went to the next row. A couple of people came and the same scenario was re-enacted.

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Blogger's Diary-Ramblings of an emotionless heart(When Love Just Isn't Enough)

It’s the 4th of November and I lay in my bed
Reflecting on what lies ahead
Knowing  there’s a lot to be said
So I  pen down my thoughts instead

On this day, I strengthen my resolve
Discarding all feelings of love
Embarking on this journey with trust
God will answer when I beckon

Haven’ I heard a lot about this?
Didn’t I write and condemn with ease?
Wondering why a woman would decide
She’d rather have a fatherless child

Sunday, 18 October 2015

Bloggers Diary-How I Was Rewarded For Giving 'HIM" All I Had

It was October 2013.It had been close to 2 years since I attended a church.It wasn't entirely my fault.The last time,I was disappointed when a pastor at my former church tried to make out me (I wrote my experience (Blogger's diary- The man who made me fallout of love with "The Church" ) .I just couldn't bring myself to look at men of God the same.
As usual, on Sundays, I would go to the mall to shop for groceries ,Ice Cream and all the things I needed to make my single self happy.
I had no car at that moment after wrecking the last .So many family commitments,being the bread winner since losing my dad in 2011,I had virtually exhausted my savings.

I boarded a cab, knowing I had just N11,000 naira left on me in totality.I planned to use N5,000 and as usual, the next week would take care of itself..

We hadn't gotten too far from my house,when the cabman had to slow down because of the traffic .

Sunday, 11 October 2015

Yay! Final Outcome of our MPN Interactive Session

Thanks to you all dear MPN family for your kind words,suggestions,constructive criticisms during our first MPN Interactive Session yesterday .I took time to read all comments and I am humbled to have a close knit online family .Also to all those who sent mails.Please I will respond ...I appreciate that extra effort ..

No man is an island and we all need to be inspired from time to time.
In line with suggestions and popular demand ,here are somethings we would see in the coming weeks.

Monday, 10 August 2015

The Fear of Unfaithful Men - Blog Reader's Memo to Ladies Scared of Marriage

This is a response to my latest Blogger's Diary,(My Shocking Encounter with the Unfaithful Husband).It was sent in by blog reader ,Amy George ..Enjoy and share your thoughts..

I really do read and enjoy your bloggers diaries until yesterday when I  saw some " UNFAITHFUL HUSBAND ISSH"
I'd let it pass by but some   comments like; "Marriage sef dey fear me.God have mercy" "im scared of getting married"... left my mouth open like some hungry glutton lol.

 Maybe I'm not alone in this journey.  Most marriages fail because of infidelity, most people cheat on their spouses, and I hear it's extremely difficult to find someone who will always be faithful and trust-worthy.
     Some years back, I pictured  myself 50 years of my age,  Living old and alone with many adopted children,  because of my fear of being cheated on and being hurt by the man I love, and it freaks me out! It sucks because I want to be loved and I have so much love to give, but I really don't wanna fall in love with someone who would lie to me, betray me and make me feel like fool.

Sunday, 9 August 2015

Blogger's Diary! My Shocking Encounter with the Unfaithful Husband

*Most Men won't like this ..Well* Yesterday, I had a movie date with my close friend in Lekki,Lagos.Since we were early, we took some time to checkout people and just gist in general.As usual, our conversation delved towards the issue of marriage .
Emeh, as I stand now, I really don't care about marriage ,Men are just not worth it ".She said
I agreed with her .In recent times,I have come to doubt the existence of true love and it has nothing to do with my personal experiences .

As we sat chatting,we watched a few cute couples pass by, some holding hands,others just walking while keeping a reasonable distance..Some looked inlove, others not so much.And not forgetting those husbands who secretly winked at us while with their wives..smh

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Blogger's Diary-An Ode to the Man I Love (Atemkeng Achanga)

‎Dear Atemkeng Achanga 
‎The man after God's own heart 
It's been four years since I last heard your voice. 
These days,I make do with the gust of the wind 
The rustling of the trees
The thoughts ‎of what would have been 
‎And your whole life ahead not to be seen

Do you know I miss you?
Do you know no one comes close to you? 
Do you know you are irreplaceable? 
And when I speak of you,they say it's a fable

The 3rd of June was the 4th year anniversary of your death 

Saturday, 13 June 2015

Blogger's Diary-The Baby Mama Offer

Emeh, please , I want you to have my baby.Would take care of you,set you up.You would even go abroad to give birth, blog from there.Infact, you wouldn't have to work if you don't want to..

What? Is this some kind of joke? I retorted
No! It's no joke. I really want you to give me a baby .Please, tell me what you want to make that possible..Anything you want..
 But your wife just welcomed a baby last month? You flew out of the country to be with her, posting all her photos on the net,so how can you want another baby from me again?I asked..

Sunday, 7 June 2015

Blogger's Diary -My Encounter With The Cunning Rich Woman

It was a really sunny day.I dashed to the bank at the very busy Allen Avenue,Lagos .On getting inside the banking hall with my sister, I was relieved to see a sparse number of customers and proceeded to  fill transfer forms..

I had been in there for 5 minutes when the security guard came to me,requesting my attention was needed outside.Presuming I needed to move my car for someone to drive out, I quickly dashed out.

I saw a well decked woman standing by a red 2015 Range Sport packed behind my car,there were a few other people with her..I was about to unlock my door when she suddenly said in a British/American accent

Monday, 2 March 2015

Photos from my(Emeh Achanga) 30th Birthday Dinner

These are pictures from 30th birthday dinner at OceanBasket,Victoria Island on Saturday ...I'm so thankful to the beautiful people who shared my special day with me..Once again, I'm such a bad planner..only communicated the venue on Saturday afternoon with the dinner being on Saturday evening..

It was everything I asked for, intimate, lots of sea food ,communication and fun..Thanks to the beautiful ladies and gentlemen who made my day..Maryam,Girlnextdoor ,Atinuke Bello,Lydia,Queen ..and all those I met at the restaurant who celebrated with me too..Thanks for the awesome gifts too..

Last but not least, thanks to all of you awesome MPN fam for your birthday wishes..

Sunday, 15 February 2015

MPN Fam,How Should I Celebrate This.....

Hello MPN fam..Thank you all for being here and for the encouraging words, especially on my last Blogger's Diary..Thank you for being awesome, loving and not being judgemental .
Now, I'm going to ask for a favour.. I'm going to be a year older on the 26th of this month (February)..I need ideas on how to celebrate it...i've never celebrated my birthday before but this is a milestone....
All ideas would be welcome. Regards

Pls stay tuned..The final winners for yesterday's giveaway will be announced soon..

Saturday, 14 February 2015

Blogger's Diary! My Unforgettable Valentine's Day Experience

Emeh..I want to make Valentines day special ..We could do movies,then have dinner...

I smiled.It was a lovely proposition..Unfortunately, accepting such offer would mean accepting we have a thing..But we do not!
 As a matter of fact ..I won't be available on Valentine day...
Why? My caller asked on the other end..

Errm..I have no reason...Just want to be alone..

No, it wasn't an excuse. That was just me..  Well, I have a phobia for valentine's day.I call it the Valentine curse ..Something always goes wrong ..

Love...Who's Your In-House MPN Valentine......

It's Valentine day..Excited ? I now most of you are preparing to surprise your boo's..Cinema,dinner and all that..Others are going to visit the less privileged ...And for those who end up booless after all the preparation,never mind,your special person is around the corner..For me, would spend the most part of my day watching movies(ofcourse blogging..and yes, I'm writing a blogger's diary about my unforgettable Valentine experience *should be published in the evening*)..It's 'Me'Time as every other Saturday is..

So being Valentine, I want us to share love in the house..
If you were to choose a valentine in the house, who would that be and why? You are allowed to list 3 people and why.Feel free to choose yourself .... ..And you can pick a male like yourself or a female like you oh..This is agape love not romantic love ...Lol

Let's see who has the most crushes ...Happy Valentine day to you..yes you..

Monday, 9 February 2015

'Tired of Life'-Popular Food Blogger's haunting final post before plunging to his death..

A blogger plunged to his death moments after posting online that he had grown 'tired of life',

Wilkes McDermid fell from the roof terrace of restaurant Coq D'Argent, in central London, a notorious suicide spot, on Sunday evening.

According to UK Mirror, the 39-year-old was a well-known food critic,and moments before the incident posted on Twitter a link to his final blog post.It read: 
“This is a message to thank you for being part of my last adventure in London."Alas, it is time to say goodbye. The reasons ‘why’ will be upsetting for some and very hard to accept for others.

Thursday, 1 January 2015

Dear MPN Fam! Happy New Year to You all....

Yay! We made it..Its 2015. 365 days of overcoming all challenges, hurdles, setbacks..365 days of grace,strength, resilience ,favour, blessings, success, joy and laughter.

Wow! I meant to write a real lengthy note..But i'm overwhelmed with gratitude and love. So much love from you all this year. So much grace and favour ‎.

Tonight, I sincerely pray for those who weren't opportuned  to make it ‎.May they continue to rest in peace.

I wish you a year overflowing with love, a basket filled with the good fruits of life. ‎Thank you so much  MPN family.

Happy new year.. My resolution? Love Love and more Love..And more Blogger's Diary's

Special Request 
Please this month, I want to give a token of appreciation to 10 readers who have been there from the start. These readers have been really committed and want them to know I appreciate them. I have 6 listed and need help with the remaining 4. I didn't want to list all myself .....

Ugo boss
Desmond 2 G
Girl next door
Maryam Olaide
Gina Obafemi (just added..)
Portable (your have a message courtesy your blog Godfather)

Last but not least,thanks to each and everyone my advertisers. I appreciate you .. More business this year...

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Blogger's Diary(Part'.2)-My First Man and the experience which changed my world

Thanks for all your amazing comments on the first part on this story.(HERE)Yes it's real and not a fiction of my imagination.This is a real man who sill lives in Jos..Yes, I've been through a lot in my short life and i'm grateful to God for his amazing grace ..And for the not believing in marriage part..I see people in love ,I see marriages I admire but my own experiences have shaped my beliefs.I'm not out to discourage anyone..Love you all..I just wrote this part now ,so pardon any errors..will correct after service

Emehh..Emeh..I felt the pang of pain.My head was throbbing as I gathered the last strength left in me to open my eye. I could feel the swelling on my left eye.Voices...I heard a woman's voice. A wisp of fresh air caressed and soothed my aching face

As I struggled to open my eye, I could see E, clasping me tightly with a woman crouched over me, fanning me.
Oh God..she is awake. My smallie is awake. E said with so much excitement and love. 
Taking in my surroundings, I noticed we were in a compound made of mud,a wrapper was draped over me.Water trickled down my face